The Glitch Saga: Complete Collection

The Glitch Saga Complete Collection Cover

A haunted airship made from living people,
a ghost that refuses to be forgotten,
and dangerous, telepathic games…

The complete collection contains three books:

Whispers in the Code

Nineteen-year-old hacker Tim Zaytsev is a traitor, but he never expected his betrayal would earn him the task of finishing the Camaraderie’s secret Legion Spore project — a living airship made from shapeshifters.

Ghost of a Memory

Tim is tasked with removing glitches, fragments of memories known as “ghosts,” from the living airship’s code. Unfortunately, one of those glitches is determined to be remembered, and he must find its source before the vessel usurps his mind, trapping him like all the other “ghosts” in the code.

Spirits of a Glitch

When the living airship traps Tim within its fleshy walls, Tim must undermine the ship’s dangerous, telepathic games and convince the other council members that the ship is manipulating them.

Join the fight for his sanity… 


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Books in this Series:

SBibb - Whispers in the Code Cover SBibb - Ghost of a Memory Cover SBibb - Spirits of a Glitch Cover