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Infinitas Publishing is an indie publisher, founded in 2015 by Stephanie and Isaac Flint.

Stephanie Flint is the primary author and illustrator, and works with her husband, Isaac Flint, who enjoys tinkering with game mechanics and story plots, which is unfortunate for many of their characters.

Together they created Infinitas Publishing to unify their creations.

Isaac and Stephanie Flint

We primarily specialize in science fiction and fantasy stories, and dabble in the creation of tabletop games with strong story elements.

This includes The Wishing Blade universe, a sprawling fantasy world comprising of both novellas and short stories. This world has multiple hard magic systems and deities that like to intervene in mortal issues.

In the Distant Horizon universe, a mashup of dystopian themes and super powers, villains known as the Camaraderie of Evil convinced the world that anyone with powers had a hallucinogenic plague. The novels and novellas of this world follows the aftermath.

The Huntress universe comprises of fairy tale retellings in a dystopian, futuristic society where nanites are used to enhance beauty, give animals sapience, and engineer powerful hunters and huntresses. Corporations rule the city.

If any of these universe sound interesting to you, select them from the “Books” link above to start reading!

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