Ghost of a Memory

SBibb - Ghost of a Memory Cover

Somethings dangerous lurks in the code.

Thanks to his ability to mentally control computers, Tim’s job is to oversee the Legion Spore, a living airship made from a terrifying hybrid of computer intelligence and super-human powers.

He’s removed most of the glitches, the so-called “ghosts” lingering in the code.

But the one glitch he can’t account for is the ship’s rogue personality, with its clear preference for Tim as its operator.

Under orders from his superiors, he’s stuck on the airship trying to uncover the source of the glitch, rather than spending time with his loving girlfriend. Making matters worse for both of them, his nights spent aboard the ship are filled with strange, haunting dreams of an alluring affair he’s never had.

As those dreams descend into nightmares, a pattern becomes clear. These nightmares aren’t random figments of his imagination; they’re warnings from a “ghost” with more influence on the ship’s code than the other remnant memories.

If Tim can’t find the reason for the glitch’s overwhelming influence, he won’t only lose himself to the ship’s whispers, he’ll also lose the woman he loves.

Discover the secret behind the glitches


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