❔Undecided, huh?

If you ever decide to try a role-play game, I’d recommend Savage Worlds as a starting point. 🙂

It’s really flexible in terms of setting and can be super simplified.

(They also have a free “Test Drive” version. I haven’t played this module specifically, so I can’t confirm or deny a recommendation for it, but it looks like it has the basic rules.)

The first RPG I played was a zombie game based on this system. I played a journalist who eventually befriended a giant zombie dog.

Anyway, I don’t play the Savage Worlds system quite as much anymore, but I love how it bases skills in the different sizes of dice. (And how it has “bennies,” which gives you a chance to strategically reroll a failed roll).

Have you been thinking about trying a role-play game? Is there one that stands out to you in particular?

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Sican naketonia quisé das vegra.
(May the gods grant you good fortune. – A saying from the Cantingen Islands)

~ Stephanie Flint