Wind and Words

Wind and Words Cover

Life magic is not meant to be alone.

Everyone is born with two strings of magic. One strand is life, and the other is death.

When Edyli escaped the land of the dead after saving her sister, the goddess of death removed Edyli’s death magic. Without that string, Edyli is unbalanced, a “monster” who cannot sleep, cannot die, and without care, will slowly go mad.

Banished from her home for refusing to make amends with the goddess, Edyli is surprised to discover a child without life magic deep in the jungle—a child her remaining magic is drawn to, because those who are unbalanced are inexplicably drawn together.

Terrified of what might happen if the two of them touch, Edyli seeks answers about the mysterious child. If she can recover the child’s life magic, she might earn back the goddess’s favor and become whole again.

But one mistake, and Edyli could live forever in insanity.

Uncover a secret in the Islands’ deep jungle…


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Wind and Words is an 23,000-word novella.

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