The Wind Mage and the Wolf

A reluctant mage, a shapeshifting rogue, and the cruel lord they must thwart…

In Maijev, the practice of magic—and slavery—is forbidden. But after Livena’s wind magic is exposed and she gets saddled with a truth curse, she flees from home with an ex mage hunter as her guide.

His plan for her is simple—she’ll swallow her distaste for the new region’s magical gods, he’ll get her to a temple where she can get the curse removed, and together they’ll figure out how to control her magic so she can return home.

But the coastal city where they arrive is a nightmare.

Magic runs rampant and its citizens have no concept of equality among fellow mortals.

When Livena spots a cruel lord taunting children with slave collars, her untamed magic sends him flying across the busy street. Unfortunately, he recognizes her guide in the aftermath, and they have a less-than-cordial history.

After her guide goes missing, it’s clear he needs rescue.

But trying to navigate the magic-infested city? Livena can’t save him alone.

Reluctantly, she enlists the help of a shapeshifting rogue. The rogue’s plan involves a lot more magic, trickery, and trouble, than Livena wants.

But if the rogue can help Livena wield her wind magic without telling her guide’s enemies more than they need to know, Livena might not only rescue her guide, she might overcome the city’s apathetic streets.

Sneak through the streets of Ashan

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The Wind Mage and the Wolf is a 45,000-word short novel, set 200 years before The Wishing Blade series.

This takes place after the events of “The Wind Mage of Maijev” and “The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear.”

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