1000 Words: A Collection of Short Stories

1000 Words A Collection of Short Stories Book Cover

1000 Words is a collection of ten short stories, each approximately one thousand words in length. They range from science fiction and fantasy, to adventure and horror. Each short story is accompanied by its own book cover. This was Stephanie Flint’s capstone project for an Honors College course, meant to merge photographic illustration with creative writing. As such, the main cover still has her maiden name, while the free short stories have been updated to her married name.


1000 Words

(only available in the complete anthology)
*A space traveler wakes up with no memory of yesterday’s events, and sits down to read the book she finds on her bedstand.

The Carrier

*When a young girl gets transported to the future, she becomes single-handly responsible for a plague that could wipe out Earth’s population.


*Two teens chose to save a library instead of escape into bunkers when their city was attacked. Now they try to stay together and find the device necessary to read the files they saved.

Snow Witch

*A young witch ventures outside of her town for the first time in hopes of transferring her brother’s illness to a willing creature.

The Hunt

*A young hunter defends herself against an intelligent cougar stalking her family’s village.

Shafted Dreams

*A father’s actions run full-circle when he chooses to cut educational funding.

Four-Way Stop

*A man’s choices lead him to four red lights in the middle of nowhere, where he is haunted by a ghost of his past.

The Dreamkeeper

*The mystical Dreamkeeper is intrigued by the appearance of a wandering child in her dream world.

The Magician

*A magician’s reenactments of his past come to a halt when his sister shows up onstage.


*A steampunk investigator discovers a missing scientist has created a strange clockwork angel.

You can find each of the short stories available for free individually on Smashwords or as a complete anthology on Amazon. The print version comes in color, with the cover for each story.

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